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Ethical sourcing policy

Seafresh Group sources, produces and distributes seafood and other foods, as well as aquafeed products. Our supply chains extend globally and include both wild and farmed aquatic species originating from both owned and third-party operations. We are committed to sourcing our seafood, ingredients, materials and services with honesty and integrity, in compliance with our Human Rights, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, and Sustainability policies.

We adhere to the terms of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and expect the same principles to be applied at all levels of our supply chain. We communicate our specific expectations in our Supplier Guiding Principles and verify compliance of suppliers via questionnaires, visits and audits.

We encourage and support suppliers in developing management systems that allow for complying with our expectations, ethical audit schemes and certification standards.

We commit to maintaining transparency in our supply chains, assessing and mitigating social and environmental risks, and remediating any critical issues that may be identified.

We provide our customers with visibility of all related information through SEDEX and other means. We collaborate with suppliers, customers, certification standard developers, governmental and non-governmental organisations, to develop expertise on human rights and seafood sustainability, address systemic issues and improve the management of social and environmental aspects in our supply chains and our industry. In particular, we contribute to the establishment of responsible recruitment practices and worker voice mechanisms. To that effect, we follow the guidance of Stronger Together in our operations and establish similar partnerships in other countries where necessary.

We strive for a supply chain free of modern slavery and commit to reporting on our risk assessments and mitigation actions in our Modern Slavery Statement. We sustain thousands of jobs in many countries, both directly and indirectly. Whilst we are proud of our positive economic impact on many livelihoods, particularly in developing countries, we also strive to optimise the positive social impact of our activities. 

Lasse signature - Ethical sourcing policy

Lasse B. Hansen,
CEO Seafresh Group

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Sustainability Policy

We are dedicated to sustainable seafood and aquafeed production, aligning with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our policy emphasizes responsible sourcing, transparency, and eco-friendly practices to ensure a positive impact across our supply chain.

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