Our commitment to transparency and responsibility

At ProChaete, we’re dedicated to transparency and responsibility. Our policies outline how we operate ethically and sustainably, aligning with global goals for a better future.


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We are dedicated to sustainable seafood and aquafeed production, aligning with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our policy emphasizes responsible sourcing, transparency, and eco-friendly practices to ensure a positive impact across our supply chain.

We prioritizes the privacy of your personal data. This Privacy notice outlines how we collect and process your information when you interact with our website and make general inquiries. We are committed to protecting your data and respecting your rights.

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We focus on ethical sourcing across our supply chains, adhering to strict standards for human rights and sustainability. They engage in thorough supplier audits and collaborations to ensure responsible practices and environmental care.

Aligned with the Seafresh Group’s commitment to excellence, we adhere to comprehensive guidelines and elevated standards across our operations. For additional policies, kindly refer to the Seafresh Group webpage.