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Enhance your feed with functional proteins for pet

Enhance your pet feed with functional proteins. Our innovative proteins offer sustainable and nutritional solutions designed to improve health.

Harness numerous benefits with our feed ingredients.

Prochaete - Gain pro for pet

Understanding Prochaete’s functional proteins

Learn more about our exceptional functional proteins derived from fresh residual shrimp material or farmed polychaetes. These proteins maintain high nutritional value and essential bioactive compounds, ensuring enhanced growth, health, and sustainability for your pets.

Discover our line of meticulously formulated solutions: CEP PRO, Boost PRO, Gain PRO, and Sun PRO.  Specifically designed to cater to the diverse nutritional needs of pets, these products reflect our commitment to delivering top-quality nutrition. 

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Residual shrimp raw material by ProChaete | functional proteins

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Prochaete - Sun PRO - Grain-free pet food

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Pet nutrition – Create a healthier future!

We sat down with Milka Kosanovic, the Formulation and Product Development Director at Passion 4 Food, a renowned feed formulation company based in Norway.

At ProChaete, we are driven by a commitment to lead the way in the feed industry’s evolution. Our mission is clear: to make feed protein at the pinnacle of effectiveness and ethical sourcing.

Established in 2013, we create innovative feed ingredients that are sustainable. Join us in shaping a future where responsible sourcing meets exceptional feed solutions.

We are part of the Sea Fresh Group. The group has decades of experience researching and creating renewable aquaculture systems.

Together, we explore the potential of a number of protein sources for use in a circular supply chain.