A sustainble taste improver

CEP PRO is a liquid feed additive including polychaetes. It is crafted from farmed polychaetes and rich in proteins and high in EPA/DHA, offering several functional benefits. It has documented effects as a taste improver, in addition to positive nutritional impacts such as pet health, feed conversion, and feed intake.

The technical benefits of CEP PRO will give you a more efficient feed production.

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Main Ingredient


Great savings

Predictable supply and consistent pricing provide a significant economic advantage.

Enhanced Taste

Farmed polychaetes enhances the taste of the feed ensuring your pets enjoy every bite.

Unmatched Freshness

Fresh ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits.


Functional benefits for your feed. 

Through patented technology, CEP PRO delivers better palatability for dogs and cats, together with improved stool consistency. Plus, the kibbles become firmer, ensuring satisfaction for pets.

These benefits are sought after by high-end retailers and are often recommended by them. So, not only will you have an ingredient that makes your feed better, but it will also give you access to high-end markets. With an optimal inclusion rate of 15-20%, CEP PRO will allow you to use fewer other costly ingredients.

Technical benefits for your feed production.

CEP PRO also has a major technical benefit; it allows you to increase your production. The viscosity in CEP PRO helps lubricate the extruders and allows you to produce at a higher capacity or to use less energy. The feed you produce will have higher durability and produce less dust.

By enhancing both the functional and technical aspects of feed production, CEP PRO ensures better quality and facilitates efficiency while utilising sustainable protein.
Let CEP PRO support you in creating the best pet food possible.

Study highlights:

The impact of CEP PRO on pet food quality

Read our collaborative research with University of Life Science and Passion4food, Norway.

Cep Pro palatability dog | taste improver

If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.