residual shrimp raw material and farmed polychaetes

Understanding Prochaete’s functional proteins

Our functional proteins originate from super fresh, high-quality residual shrimp raw material or farmed polychaetes, ensuring optimal quality and nutritional value. These proteins are exceptional fresh and carefully maintained through advanced processing methods.

This approach ensures the proteins retain their maximum nutritional value and bioactive compounds, crucial for optimal development. Functional proteins from ProChaete are a superior choice for feed producers seeking optimal growth and health.

In addition to providing these benefits, our feed ingredients contribute to important sustainability goals – allowing you to produce more environmentally friendly feed.
Farmed polychaetes by ProChaete | functional protein | policies
Residual shrimp raw material by ProChaete | functional proteins

Super fresh high-quality protein sources makes better feed.


Unmatched Freshness

Our proteins, sourced from fresh ingredients, provide maximum nutritional benefits. This approach create superior feed products.

Enhanced Health

Functional proteins boost the immune system and overall health throughout their life stages, from birth to senior pet.

Enhanced Taste

Incorporating fresh shrimp and farmed polychaetes enhances the taste of the feed ensuring your pets enjoy every bite.

Predictable Quality

A more sustainable production guarantees a reliable supply chain with stable prices, high quality, and a long shelf life.

Sustainable Sourcing

Fresh residual shrimp raw material and farmed polychaetes, contributing to a more sustainable industry.


Rigorously tested for parasites, bacteria, and viruses to ensure a safe feed.

By incorporating ProChaete’s fresh functional proteins, you ensure that these benefits are maximized in your feed — ultimately resulting in a notable economic advantage. And further contributing to the sustainability of the feed industry.

Discover our line of meticulously formulated solutions: CEP PRO, Boost PRO, Gain PRO, and Sun PRO.  Specifically designed to cater to the diverse nutritional needs of pets, these products reflect our commitment to delivering top-quality nutrition. 

Farmed polychaetes by ProChaete | functional protein | policies

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Main Ingredient


Residual shrimp raw material by ProChaete | functional proteins

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Prochaete - Sun PRO - Grain-free pet food

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Create a healthier future!

We sat down with Milka Kosanovic, the Formulation and Product Development Director at Passion 4 Food, a renowned feed formulation company based in Norway to talk about functional proteins for pet.