Shrimp-ly the best

Boost PRO is a premium shrimp meal for your pet feed production. It is high in protein and low in ash. Crafted exclusively from super fresh shrimp heads, Boost PRO offers un­paralleled taste and nutritional value compared to similar products. Our commitment to quality means using ingredients straight from the peeling line, preserving the integrity of the raw materials. Plus, Boost PRO proudly carries the ASC (Aqua Stewardship Council) seal of approval, guaranteeing responsible aquaculture practices.

Prochaete - Boost PRO - Super fresh shrimp meal

Main Ingredient


Super fresh

Made from super fresh shrimp heads for optimal quality.

Delicious taste

Pets love the irresistible flavor of Boost PRO.

High protein, low ash

Premium ingredient for your products.

SHRIMP MEAL – Sustainability in every bite

Functional proteins creates value

With the pet population growing, there’s a need for alternative proteins. Boost PRO is the perfect solution for feed producers aiming for modern diets, ensuringa more sustainable approach to pet food production. Using Boost PRO will allow you to use less meat and have a more flexible formulation.

Prochaete - Boost PRO - Super fresh shrimp meal

Functional benefits for your feed

Discover the difference with Boost PRO’s advanced protein formula. Shrimp is naturally high in calcium and includes essential amino acids, crucial for cats. It also features low TVB-N (total volatile basic nitrogen), and natural antioxidants, ensuring superior performance without any unpleasant odor. With its high protein content and minimal ash, Boost PRO stands as a premium choice for pet feed production, while its natural pigmentation enhances visual appeal. The added taste of shrimp is also something that many pets (especially cats) love. Adding Boost PRO allows you to make a new taste variations.

Technical benefits for your feed production

Boost PROs fine grain flour texture, ensures a seamless production without clumping or sticking.

How to use

Achieve the ‘with shrimp’ claim by incorporating just 4% of Boost PRO into your pet food formula. Perfect for enhancing the flavor of semi-moist snacks, dental sticks, and dry pet food formulations.

If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.