Feed ingredient enhancement

CEP PRO – a taste improver in pet food!

This project was organized, designed, and executed by our product development team, the University of Life Science, and Passion4food, Norway to document the effect of the feed ingredient enhancement CEP PRO.

Farmed polychaetes by ProChaete


In pet food evaluation, stool quality and palatability are important factors. Kibble texture like hardness, elasticity, chewability, crunchiness and the stickiness all affect the palatability. While coat quality remains a more subjective measure, it’s equally important. Our study focuses on documenting the effects of CEP PRO, on these vital parameters.

Material and methods

Our trial, conducted at the University of Life Science, Norway, involved meticulous preparation and blending of feeds. Using a twin-screw extruder, CEP PRO was directly incorporated into the meal mix for both dog and cat food.

Balanced meals for happy pets

Balanced nutrition is at the core of our recipes, ensuring optimal protein and fat content for both canine and feline companions.

‘The guinea pets’

Thirty cats and twenty dogs participated in our feeding trials, divided into groups and fed various diets over a span of seven days. Each group received one of the prepared diets, and their food consumption was meticulously recorded. Notably, one dog was excluded from the results analysis due to the absence of appetite.

Measurements and analyses

To gain deeper insights, we conducted analyses including proximate content, viscosity, pH, water activity, expansion, and texture.

Great results

Our findings revealed intriguing insights, with notable variations in texture and palatability. Increased kibble hardness and improved food intake were observed with CEP PRO incorporation, suggesting potential benefits.

Cep Pro palatability dog | taste improver
CEP PRO patability cat | taste improver


Our research revealed a notable 8% increase in palatability for dogs, a statistically significant find. Cats, known for their pickiness, also showed a commendable 6% increase in palatability.

However, due to the small sample size in both cat and dog trials, statistical analysis may not be applicable – though findings are all positive.

CEP PRO stool quality cat

Stool Quality

Our observations revealed a significant improvement in stool quality with the use of 3% CEP PRO in dog diets. While there was a slight reduction in stool consistency in cats consuming the 3% CEP PRO diet, no statistical differences were found.

CEP PRO hardness dog
CEP PRO elasticity dog
CEP PRO hardness cat
CEP PRO elesticity cat

Kibble texture

Texture analysis show an increased hardness for dog and cat kibbles when added 3% of the CEP PRO to the formula. Inclusion of 1% of shrimp meal neutralized effect of the CEP PRO and hardness was similar as control cat diet.

CEP PRO - The recipe for healthy pets

Finding the right balance of taste and texture in dog and cat food can help maintain optimal stool consistency, keeping our furry friend happy and healthy.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing dog and cat food ingredients, taste matters more than you might think. By adding a flavourful feed ingredient that pet enjoys, you’re not just treating their taste buds; you’re also promoting better stool consistency and overall digestive health. This study underscores the exciting potential of CEP PRO in pet food formulations and CEP PRO proves to be a valuable taste improver to your new pet food. 

Interested in accessing the full version of this study or discussing the findings further? Please contact us to learn more how CEP PRO can enhance your pet food production.