Alternative protein sources for pets

Create a healthier future – interview with Milka Tesla

With a rapidly growing pet population and an increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable and nutritious diets, pet feed producers are seeking innovative solutions to meet the demands of pet owners and the future.

To tell us about this dynamic industry, we sat down with Milka Kosanovic, the Formulation and Product Development Director at Passion 4 Food, a renowned feed formulation company based in Norway.

Prochaete - Milka Tesla - Alternative protein sources for pets

Milka Kosanovic Tesla, Director of Formulation and Product development at Passion 4 Food. Milka is responsible for developing pet food and aqua formulations and creating innovative product solutions. She is passionate about nutrition, technology, sustainability, and pets! Milka is a mother of two, and she has a corgi named Leon. She is often used by ProChaete as a consultant.

Can you tell us a bit about Passion 4 Food and your role within the company?

Passion 4 Food was founded in 2014 as a family business with a deep-­rooted commitment to providing top services to the pet food and aquaculture industries. Over the years, we’ve earned international recognition for our expertise in ingredient processing and product development. As the Formulation and Product Development Director, my role involves spearheading the creation of innovative product solutions, with a focus on delivering products that are nutritionally balanced and sustainable.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in the pet food industry today?

The main challenge we face is the need for diversification in ingredient selection. As the demand for pet food continues to grow, relying solely on traditional protein sources is no longer feasible. We need to explore alternative protein sources that not only meet the nutritional needs of pets but also align with our sustainability goals.

Additionally, ensuring the safety and quality of these ingredients is paramount to maintaining consumer trust.

Can you elaborate on the importance of alternative protein sources in pet nutrition?

Alternative protein sources play a crucial role in crafting comprehensive and balanced diets for pets. Take, for example, the products from ProChaete, such as CEP PRO, which harness the nutritional benefits of polychaete worms. These worms offer a rich profile of essential nutrients, including long-chain fatty acids, antioxidants, and prostaglandins, making them an excellent protein source for pet food formulations. And pets love the taste!

Similarly, fresh processed shrimp, like Boost PRO, provide natural sources of calcium and essential amino acids vital for feline health.

How do you solve the integration of new ingredients into pet food formulations?

Integrating new ingredients requires a careful balance of nutritional efficiency and product stability. For instance, with Boost PRO and CEP PRO, we’ve found that a small inclusion percentage can yield significant nutritional benefits while maintaining product integrity. By carefully evaluating the positives and negatives of each ingredient, we can ensure that our formulations meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Finally, why do you believe ProChaete proteins are an ideal choice for pet feed formulations?

ProChaete proteins offer a unique blend of sustainability, taste, and nutritional benefits that set them apart in the industry. With a focus on innovation and quality, ProChaete products align perfectly with our mission at Passion 4 Food to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers and partners. By incorporating ProChaete proteins into formulations, we can not only meet the growing demand for nutritious pet food but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

As the pet food industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that alternative protein sources will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of pet nutrition. With passionate professionals like Milka leading the way, companies like Passion 4 Food will drive innovation and sustainability in the quest for healthier, happier pets.