Gain PRO for pet

Make your feed more valuable

Enhance your feed performance with Gain PRO, our functional feed ingredient derived from residual shrimp raw material.

Prochaete - Gain pro for pet
Residual shrimp raw material by ProChaete | functional proteins

Main Ingredient


Gain health

Functional proteins boost the immune system and overall health making pets more resistant to diseases and stress.

Gain taste

Incorporating fresh shrimp enhances the taste of the food ensuring your feline companions enjoy every bite.

Gain pigmentation

Fresh ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits.

Product information

Achieve superior feed quality

Crafted from residual shrimp raw material, Gain PRO boosts nutritional value and enhances palatability in pet food production. Gain PRO makes healthier pets and a steady, transparent, predictable supply of high-quality ingredients — making it a must-have for pet feed makers who want to make the best feed along with a notable economic advantage.

All the shrimp used in Gain PRO are ASC certified.

Capacity and characteristics

Our current shrimp processing capacity allows us to produce thousands of tonnes of Gain PRO. This product boasts a shelf life exceeding two years, enabling efficient logistics, storage, and usage. Trials have shown an optimal inclusion rate of 2.5 – 5%.

The product is presented as a free-flowing powder with a particle size of < 1500 microns. It offers a unique aroma and taste while maintaining high digestibility.

If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.