Sunflower protein for fish

Flower power proteins

Sun PRO is a versatile protein solution derived from sunflower seeds. With a robust protein content and minimal fibre, its sets itself apart with its low fibre content compared to other sunflower products. It is also free from any anti-nutritional factors and it is entirely GMO-free. This makes Sun PRO a compelling alternative to other legume protein sources known for their significant environmental impact. Sun PRO is a eco-friendly product made in Europe.

ProChaete | Sun PRO | Sunflower protein

Main Ingredient


Low fibre

SUN PRO has low fibre content, which aids in digestibility and ensures optimal nutrient absorption.


Sunflower is rich in protein, making it an excellent source of essential amino acids.


Sunflower protein is naturally GMO-free.

sunflower residue – Sustainability that pays off

Transforming sunflower residue into premium protein

Prochaete - Sun PRO - Grain-free pet food - sunflower protein

Sustainable production

After the extraction of sunflower oil, a residual sunflower cake remains. Through a specialised mechanical process, we get the leftover protein from the sunflower cake, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and waste reduction.

Contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry. Incorporate Sun PRO into your feed formulations.

How to use

Add 5-20% into your feed formula for a more eco­friendly feed.

If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.