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Publishing principles

At ProChaete, we’re dedicated to sustainable feed solutions in aquaculture, poultry, and pet nutrition. Our mission is to educate and inspire global audiences about the importance of sustainable feed choices for healthier ecosystems and efficient food production.

What We Cover:

  1. Sustainable Feed Solutions: Insights into sustainable feed ingredients and practices.
  2. Innovative Research & Development: Showcasing breakthroughs in sustainable feed, including our work with polychaetes and shrimp by-products.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Addressing ecological challenges and offering solutions.
  4. Market Trends & Consumer Insights: Analyzing demand trends in various markets.
  5. Success Stories & Impactful Case Studies: Highlighting real-world applications and positive impacts.

Our Audience:

Our content is tailored for industry professionals, environmental advocates, business leaders, researchers, academics, and the informed public interested in sustainable feeding practices.

Why We Write:

  1. Drive Industry Change: Advocating for sustainable practices across sectors.
  2. Educate and Inform: Spreading knowledge about the benefits of sustainable feed ingredients.
  3. Foster Community Engagement: Building a platform for dialogue among professionals and enthusiasts.
  4. Highlight Expertise: Demonstrating leadership and innovation in sustainable feed solutions.
  5. Promote Environmental Responsibility: Encouraging practices that positively impact global food systems.

Our Quality Commitment:
We ensure scientific accuracy, engaging content, and adaptability to industry developments.

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Other policies

Sustainability Policy

We are dedicated to sustainable seafood and aquafeed production, aligning with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our policy emphasizes responsible sourcing, transparency, and eco-friendly practices to ensure a positive impact across our supply chain.

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We prioritizes the privacy of your personal data. This Privacy notice outlines how we collect and process your information when you interact with our website and make general inquiries. We are committed to protecting your data and respecting your rights.

Cookie notice

Our website uses cookies for improved functionality and user experience. These cookies, which do not personally identify users, include necessary, functional, performance, analytics, and advertising types. You have full control over your cookie preferences and can delete or customize your settings

Ethical sourcing policy

We focus on ethical sourcing across our supply chains, adhering to strict standards for human rights and sustainability. They engage in thorough supplier audits and collaborations to ensure responsible practices and environmental care.

Other group policies

Aligned with the Seafresh Group’s commitment to excellence, we adhere to comprehensive guidelines and elevated standards across our operations. For additional policies, kindly refer to the Seafresh Group webpage.